Wisconsin's Civil War Memorials
Portage County G.A.R. Memorial, Stevens Point, Wis.
This monument was dedicated on September 2, 1890 to honor the Civil War Union veterans from Portage County. The granite memorial features a sculpture of a Union soldier holding a flag and grasping his sword at the top of a tall obelisk. A pile of cannonballs at the base compliments the 30 pounder Parrott Rifle. There are several symbols carved into the base of the monument, including the Seal of the United States, a G.A.R. membership badge, the Wisconsin State Seal, and a fourth unidentified symbol. One side of the obelisk contains a raised relief sculpture of crossed flag and musket, canteen, cartridge box and bayonet scabbard. The central pink granite inscription area shows carved vertical cannon barrels on the corners.

The monument inscription reads:

Portage County
To Her Heroes Who Fought
And Her Martyrs Who Fell
That the Republic Might Live
by Stevens Post No. 156 G.A.R.
Department of Wisconsin
Plover Post 149
Capt. I. Eckles Post
Amherst 16
Blaine Post 115
Women's relief Corps No. 96
And the People of Portage Country
Dedicated Sept. 2, 1890
Portage County GAR Memorial

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provided by JVC Brian Peters

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Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Department of Wisconsin


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