Wisconsin's Civil War Memorials
Lincoln Statue, Milwaukee

Milwaukee's Lincoln statue was to commemroate the 60th anniversary of Lincoln's visit to the city in 1859 and was to be completed in 1919. A committee was appointed by Mayor Hoan in 1916, but a World War and a Great Depression ensued. The $23,000 raised for the monument was invested. Finally in 1932, a design competition was held and New York's Gaetano Cecere won. He spent over 18 months on this, his first Lincoln bronze. His 3,000 pound statue was dedicated on September 15, 1934. Located at the east end of Wisconsin Avenue, in front of the War Memorial building, overlooking Lincoln Memorial Drive.
Cecere working on Lincoln statue Lincoln statue overlooks Lincoln Memorial Drive

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Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Department of Wisconsin


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