Wisconsin's Civil War Memorials
Milwaukee's Victorious Charge

Dedicated June 28, 1898

The Victorious Charge is a public artwork by American artist John S. Conway located on the Court of Honor on West Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Milwaukee, Wis. The bronze sculpture is 9'10" high and sits on a 20' square granite pedestal.

Sculptor Conway revolutionized the concept of a Civil War memorial by depicting a realistic looking group of soldiers in action. His sculpture exudes energy and movement, faithfully capturing the intensity and horrors of battle. The dedication of monument took place on June 28, 1898, coinciding with four-day celebration of Wisconsin's entry into the Union. Considered to be Wisconsin's most significant 19th century Civil War monument, a major restoration project was completed in Sept. 2003.

The base inscription reads, "To Those Who Fought in the War for the Union 1861 - 1865
Erected 1898"

Restored Victorious Charge monument seen in 2012 Rear view of Victorious Charge monument prior to restoration activities began

Rear of the monument (above) seen in 2000 with corrosion and oxidation evident; and the restored monument (left) seen in 2012.

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Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Department of Wisconsin


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