Wisconsin's Civil War Memorials
Hillsboro Cemetery Soldier's Monument

The Hillsboro Union Soldier Monument stands on a three-foot granite base which in turn sits on a two-tiered concrete base. The sculpture is of a soldier as if walking as he holds his rifle pointed at about 40 degrees down to his left. It is sculpted in a form as though the soldier pheasant hunting in a field. He is in step in a walking formation with the left foot overhanging the base by the toes of his left foot. The ramrod is bent downwards from the muzzle. He is equipped with his bayonet, ammo box, and haversack bag. The sculpture stands at six feet tall and is hollow. He wears a kepi hat and a sack coat.

The monument is on the high ground in the Hillsboro Cemetery and is surrounded by his comrades - many of them from the 6th Wisconsin.

Hillsboro Cemetery Soldier's Monument

Research and photo by Kim Heltemes

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Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
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